Attain Optimum Style

Pride yourself on having a stylish car that runs smoothly and looks smart. Perfection may be difficult to achieve, however many car owners strive to obtain a distinct level of finesse in regards to their vehicle. There are many ways to enhance and upgrade the style of your vehicle, and alloy wheel repainting is a popular option.

Repaint Your Alloys

Transform your scratched alloys into a stylish upgrade with our alloy wheel refurbishment services. Whether you are in need of a cover up for a scrape or a full refurbishment, we provide the perfect solution. Perhaps you wish to change the colour of your alloy wheels to modify the style of your vehicle. Our versatile technicians are able to repaint your wheels in any colour of your choice.

The Full Works

No matter what the type of your vehicle, we offer refurbishments for alloys. Our specialists remove your car’s tyres from the wheel, perform a full strip-down, and ensure that no crack or crevice is left untouched. We carefully fan down the wheels to bare metal, then prime the wheels, and repaint them. We are able to refurbish any type of alloy wheel, even if it is in a worn condition.

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