Lease Car Repairs

Look no further than our company for high-quality workmanship and repairs. Perhaps you have damaged the car that you are renting for a period of, for example, three to four years. You don’t have to worry about the damage incurred to your vehicle, as we remove all dents and scratches.

An Affordable Alternative

Choose our affordable lease car repairs for a cost-effective alternative to lease company charges and arrears. When the car that you are leasing displays even a small dent, the lease company will charge a fortune. We only charge a third of what you would normally pay, meaning you save money and obtain repairs of the finest quality.

The Full Works

Dramatically reduce financial damage with our lease & company car repairs, which are priced at a third of typical repair costs. At Shaws Auto Body Repairs, in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, we provide auto lease repairs at a reduced rate to those offered by the lease company. Ensuring your vehicle is in perfect condition.

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